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As a professional in the plant industry, it is my obligation to ensure your success.


The journey began in 1971 with my first job in a florist shop ...

lol...the rest of my life? 

 Education, Internships, Experience in all aspects of Garden & Landscape, greenhouse science, resturant gardener., estate gardener, project managment, public siminars. award winning nursery retail managment.

.It is my goal for YOU to have beautiful success with each project, big or small. I want to see you excited about your yard. 

 I want you to treat your first blueberry plants like the hope and future that they represent. We are stressed out these days...Think of the blueberry pancakes you can make.....that's hope folks!. 

I want you to grow it right the first time. I am that hashtagpracticalgardener. 

Slow Grow is the name of the game for the future. How can I bring eatables into my world? Even small gestures from your yard to your kitchen over time add a sense grounding.   

How about the empty lot by your business, a community garden? How many blueberry bushes does it take to feed your block? Does your hood want a garden club? Long term plans for a legacy community garden would be a terrific use of HOA dollars, yes? I am available to consult with your HOA board with you with planned long term goals ready for presenting positive, upbeat community based projects.  


Wild Garden Dreams!

Practical Horticulture.   

Ornamental Horticulture was my original focus, which evolved over the years to not only mowing million dollar golf greens and managing private estates, kitchen gardens, teaching. retail, perennial borders, microgreens, hydroponics..mushrooms.
grow them on an oak log I swear....traditional Southern Landscape (Bring Sexy Back) lush colorscapes and more, more, more azaleas! I want your outcome to be sucessful and worth your time and effort and dollars. I want your kid's projects to be sucessful. so important to how they willl be able to garden for the rest of their is a journey! Good Garden Skills are aquired along the way!



Trouble Shooting.

To save time. 

Inspiration and

Best Practices.  

Those are my hashtags.  

North Carolina Nurseryman's Association. North Carolina Pesticide License (expired, will consult on best practices) Working with contractors. 

I will be glad to attend interviews with potential vendors. There are a lot of good ones out there, and they need to see your vision in long term outcome, changes from what style they have become accustom to and even coached on updated pruning practices ....

You don't know where to start with a small vegetable garden? Some of your planters would be lovely with eggplant plants, basil and any of the pepper plants are beautiful treated as ornamentals! Let me help you think differently about ways you can incorporate growing eats at home. You Want to grill some eggplant you just cut off a eggplant shrub. Yeah! you can do it I can help! 

Azaleas and blueberries are my power plants. What are your favorite blooming trees and shrubs? Hydrangeas can change your world. Do you have a pool that could be the talk of the town with the wild high summer color?   

Clean, old school methods, grand outcomes. hey, we can stay in touch too, I will help you along the way. we hook up in the garden lol. gardening is a fun hobby. Family success and Plant Pets. I'll advise on some great planting techniques for the type of "clay you have" lol I knew you were gonna tell me that! We will work up learning about everything to fetilizing, pruning for all your Plant Pets! step by step along the way. Your garden Way!  

Several consultation options and reasonable fees.

Learn before you Plant.

The more time you spend at home the more time you have to make sure you learn before you plant! And that is talking to someone that has lived and gardened in your zipcode for at least 50 years! Let's not waste time and effort....let's analyze what is working in your current landscape and not be afraid to remove a few things up some space open up some ideas! Replace that half dead ugly something with a fig tree? a couple peach trees? But you want to know all about having a fig tree or peach trees...yes. . How to take care of it, how to prune, keep healthy... Think of 'em as a pet. I have known many an old guy over the years that still tends to the fruit trees they planted many, many years ago...Be that old guy? Taking a basket of peaches into the house for the wife to make peach shortcakes for the grandkids?....Your strawberry towers finally producing enough strawberries to freeze enough for your Holiday Strawberry Pretzel Salad....Com'on people...plan ahead for those wild garden dreams to come true. get a plant hobby. Plant Pets. Make your yard an extension of your home. Call me. 704-576-7474. Leave a message. Text me.  

Garden Club coming soon.


DOG GARDEN Coming Soon!

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